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Increase Your Sales by Engaging with Your Webinar Attendees, via WhatsApp

With Webinar Booster, you interact and engage with your webinar attendees via WhatsApp, without compromising your and their privacy, increase show-up rates and close more deals.

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Compatible with any webinar platform

Whether you use Zoom, GoTo Webinar, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or others - Webinar Booster is compatible with it.

Do You Really Know what Your Audience Thinks and Feels?

Traditional one-way communication channels such as Zoom & emails are limited vs real time feedback
Audience engagement is crucial in generating new revenue

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How do we do it?

Presentations / Meetings

Whether you present on or offline, you need an effective way to collect and engage with your audience. Texuto lets your audience communicate directly in real time with you and your staff.

Fully Integrated with WhatsApp

Attendees join by clicking a custom link prior to your webinar and join a WhatsApp Group-like experience, but one that doesn't reveal their phone numbers to the others or show how many other attendees joined.

Sell More

Send materials before the event to "warm" your audience, increase show-up rates with automated reminders and extend the conversation about your product or service beyond the webinar boundaries.

Packages & Pricing


Up to 5 Attendees


Up to 50 Attendees


Up to 100 Attendees


Up to 200 Attendees


Up to 500 Attendees

How is it different than WhatsApp Groups?

In a WhatsApp Group, even if only admins can send messages, anyone can see how many other participants are in the group and their phone numbers. You probably don't want your prospective customers to reach out to other prospects and chat directly, do you?

And what about a Broadcast list?

You will need to add all attendees as contacts on your phone, and the communication will only be one-to-one, not collaborative.

So why would I want to have a group conversation with my customers?

Because that's how you facilitate a conversation about your product or service, beyond the boundaries of the webinar, and use the interactive feedback from the attendees that express themselves to keep the one that don't talk engaged!
Eventually this will translate to more sales. 

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As an educator, speaker, trainer, coach or manager, you need the best method to engage your audience & while making sure you know how they think and feel about your presentation.

Texuto is messaging-based engagement platform, providing a safe place to interact with audience members directly or in a group exclusively on WhatsApp. Whether you create a special event or a static channel, having a direct line of communication with your participants can increase your sales and engage your audience with real time feedback.

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