Webinar Booster

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of having a WhatsApp channel with my webinar attendees?  

A webinar platform is great for communicating messages to your audience. You can deliver a pre-scripted lecture to your audience but lack the sense of what they think and feel. The embedded Q&A and chat features are good for collecting feedback and questions during the webinar, but It’s hard to maintain good communication with your audience before and after the webinar.

With Texuto’s Webinar Booster you can easily communicate with your audience before the webinar, collect feedback and hear about topics your audience wants to hear about, send teaser messages and reminders to ensure people show up to your webinar.

Are there any prerequisites for using Webinar Booster?  

You can configure Webinar Booster to work with any webianr platform, but connecting your Zoom account will automateically list your webinars here and easily enroll your registrants to your WhatsApp channel. To use the Zoom integration you need to have a Zoom Pro account as the minimum, with an active subscription for Webinars.

Why do I need a group-chat rather than just one-on-one communication?  

When our audience hears from you multiple times there’s a better chance you’ll be able to convert them to paying customers. The dynamics of a group-conversation generates more communication and engagement with your audience that’s relevant to what you’re selling. They come more prepared and with buying intentions to your webinar and allow you to follow up in a group conversation to complete the cycle and make them paying customers.

Can participants speak with each other?  

No, this is not a regular WhatsApp Group where participants see all other participants’ phone numbers, profile picture and name. Technically, participants communicate with our system’s contact number and the system distributes the messages forward to the other participants. The built-in logic only sends your messages to the participants since you’re the host. Participants can send messages in the channel, but they’re only delivered to you. If you choose to answer the message publicly all other participants receive the original question together with your answer. This is how you create engagement that’s relevant to your product or service, without compromising on privacy.

What do I do if participants behave inappropriately in the channel?  

Channel participant messages are not sent to other participants. You can simply ignore those messages and they’ll not be seen by anyone else.

Can I send media files?  

Yes, you can send photos and short videos and they will be delivered in the channel.

And what if I don’t want to add a webinar registration page?  

Adding a registration page is not mandatory but highly recommended. It helps you understand how many people are planning to attend your webinar, collects their contact details and allows you to follow up after the webinar. However, if you still don’t want to set one up, you can still create a channel for your webinar. We will generate a short URL you can send to your attendees. Once they click, they’ll be added to your WhatsApp channel. Make sure to invite your audience to join the channel.

What happens if I hit the maximum number of allowed attendees on my channel?  

No worries, we’ll inform you once you reach 80% of your channel capacity and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to a higher package, to accommodate all interested participants to join.

Is my personal phone number visible to other participants?  

No. They will only see your name, as set in your Zoom account, and you can change the nickname to something that reflects your official business instead, if you like. Just tap the “Main Menu” button on your WhatsApp after you create your first Chanel.

Can I add co-hosts to help me manage the attendees’ questions?    

Yes, after you create your channel, you have the option to add co-hosts. Follow the instructions on your WhatsApp.

How does the product integrate with Zoom?    

We authenticate with Zoom to make it super easy for you to create a channel and add your webinar registrants to it. Once you approve the authentication, we fetch the list of webinars from your Zoom account and present them to you. Once you choose a webinar, we check whether it has a registration page. If you don’t have one, we’ll offer to create one and add a custom question asking your registrants to supply their mobile phone number. Once they register to your upcoming webinar, we automatically add their WhatsApp account (if they have one) to your channel.

I’m being asked to authorize with Zoom again. Why?      

Webinar Booster does not maintain a separate login. It relies on your Zoom login credentials to identify you as a user. For that reason, you need to be signed into your Zoom account when you want to add or upgrade a channel. Once your channel is created you can manage everything from your private WhatsApp app without being logged in to Zoom.

How do I install Webinar Booster and connect it to my Zoom account?    

On the Zoom Marketplace search for Webinar Booster and click the Add button. You might be prompted to sign into Zoom first using your Zoom email and username. Zoom will present you the list of scopes – those are the Zoom interfaces Webinar Booster is allowed to use on your behalf. You will then get redirected to Webinar Booster and the list of webinars will be shown.

What details will Zoom share with Webinar Booster?      

Upon installation Zoom will present the list of scopes Webinar Booster is allowed to use. Should you choose to accept, we will use those scopes as follows:

View your user information/user:read: We will use your email for billing and support purposes and first name as the default name on new channels you create.

View your webinars/webinar:read: We will show the list of your scheduled webinars, dates and number of registrants. We also check if your webinars have a registration page.

View and manage your webinars/webinar:write: Upon your consent, we will add a registration page to your webinar and a custom question asking registrants for their mobile phone numbers. Upon attendee registration, we will add registrants to your new WhatsApp channel so they can get reminders and communicate with you.

How do I uninstall the Webinar Booster add-on?

Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Webinar Booster app. Click the Webinar Booster app. Click Uninstall.

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